Let me make it short, sweet and quick for everyone to get to know a little about me.

My name is Andreas, I’m 6’1″, a mesomorph, 90/10 pheomelanin over melanin, fluent in sarcasm and Scandinavian by design. Ever since I decided to pursue acting and have worked a bunch of different and awesome jobs in the industry in different parts of the world. I’ve also been fortunate to work in the modelling world – not what you would have guessed if you saw me as a kid.. (Yikes..)

After graduating acting school in New York City I moved to LA where I lived and worked for a year and became certain that this was the place for me.

Besides that, I’m very much a gym rat/workout junkie and love being active and staying healthy. I go where I’m needed and loved the road that leads to where I need to go.

See you out there!